Improving people’s quality of life is one of the objectives of scientific research and it is by focusing on this objective that research creates VALUE.

In Trentino high level research is carried out in different fields and disciplines, thanks to the fertile environment developing as a result of investment, important relationships and the presence of significant players.

The “Long-term Research Plan” for the 15th legislature of the Autonomous Province of Trento includes communications and scientific dissemination of the research funded at provincial level among its objectives.

In this context, a series of initiatives will be started up encouraging a dialogue between science and society, contributing to raising awareness of the activities and experience gained within the provincial further education and innovation research system among the wider public.

The Autonomous Province of Trento, Fondazione Bruno Kessler,  University of TrentoFondazione Edmund Mach and MUSE Science Museum have organised a series of 10 scientific cafés and 6 public workshops on subjects ranging from health, social matters and biodiversity to scientific communication and social innovation, where citizens can interact with researchers, explore pioneering areas of research and grasp the spin-offs on daily life.

The "project sheets" below have been prepared starting from 2016 for the projects reported by the Committee for Research and Innovation of the Province (CRI) and for the "Major Projects".

The project sheets describe, in a language also suitable for a non-expert public, the contents and the results of the research projects under the Provincial Law 14/2005.