Innovation Research Committee (CRI)

The Comitato per la Ricerca and Innovazione-CRI (Research and Innovation Committee) was set up as an organ carrying out consultancy and technical-scientific evaluation activities for the Province, on the basis of the Provincial Law of 2 August 2005, no. 14. It is nominated by the provincial government for the duration of the legislature.

The five members of the committee – including a Chairman - one of whom is nominated by the opposition in the Provincial Council – are chosen on the basis of their proven expertise and experience in methodological fields and disciplines in the scientific, technological and cultural sectors.

The current committee, which has taken over the roles previously assigned to the Technical-Scientific Committee for Research and Innovation and the Research Evaluation Committee,  was nominated with provincial government resolution no. 1044 of 23 June 2014,    amended by provincial government resolution no. 1433 of 24 August 2015,   and is made up of: 


prof. Mario Calderini


prof.ssa Paola Bonfante 
prof. Paolo Lugli 
prof.ssa Barbara Pernici 
dott. Andrea Villotti

 Curriculum vitae


The Committee for Research and Innovation, which has taken over all the tasks previously assigned to the Technical-Scientific Committee for Research and Innovation and the Research Evaluation Committee, is responsible for the tasks listed below:

- expressing its opinion on the activity programmes presented by the foundations in the context of the programme agreements provided for by article 20 of the provincial law on research, as well as on research and innovation projects and actions or activity programmes presented according to article 21 and 21 bis of the Provincial Law on research;

- expressing its opinion on projects presented in relation to the tender notices provided for by article 22 of the provincial law on research, also as regards respect for the instructions of each tender notice;

- expressing its opinion in relation to initiatives presented according to articles 5 and 24 bis of the Provincial Law of 13 December 1999, no. 6 (provincial law on incentives for businesses); in this case, the committee is supplemented by the members of the Committee for Business Incentives, according to the provisions of article 6, paragraphs 1 and 2 of these regulations;

- drawing up proposals for the Long-term Research Plan;

- expressing its opinion on specific research projects or programmes of activities, in relation to aspects within its jurisdiction and on the request of the provincial government;

- evaluating the efficacy of the overall intervention of the Province to support the provincial research and innovation system, also in relation to achieving the objectives established in the Long-term Research Plan;

- evaluating the results obtained by projects that have been the object of provincial action;

- presenting the provincial government and council with a report on the results of evaluation activities, on the request of the government and when the Long-term Research Plan or its updates are approved.