Research and Innovation in the Provincial Health Service

In order to pursue the objective of promoting the best possible level of health and wellbeing for citizens, the health service must increasingly be capable of using the resources allocated in an effective and efficient manner. This can be achieved using different tools, one of which is undoubtedly represented by research and innovation in the health sector, which is of great significance.

In addition to basic research, which has the primary objective of improving theoretical knowledge and comprehension of the relationship between the different variables involved in a specific process, research targeted at finding practical and specific solutions is of strategic importance for introducing innovation to health systems.

In order to be effective and productive, namely capable of rapidly translating the results into action improving prevention, care and rehabilitation activities, targeted health research, including that directed at health systems, must be characterised by its pervasiveness. In short, it must be capable of operating across the board in health services, involving the largest possible number of professionals, with the scope of improving their skills in order to benefit the population cared for.

The health research and innovation activities carried out in the Province of Trento are mainly carried out through:

  • participation in the programmes and calls issued by the European Union
  • participation in the programmes and calls issued by the Italian state (e.g. Ministry of Health, according to article 12 of D.Lgs. 502/1992, ...)
  • approval of provincial research and innovation projects in the health sector, according to article 24 of the provincial law of 23 July 2010 no. 16
  • implementation of initiatives funded by the Single Research Fund provided for by L.P. no. 14/2005
  • clinical experimentation supported and funded by the pharmaceutical industry or other private sector institutions/bodies
  • implementation of educational, research and experimentation activities on subjects linked to health, or support for the carrying out of such activities by other public or private sector institutions at local level

In relation to all these actions, the Province’s Health and Social Solidarity Department, together with the Provincial Agency for Health Services and other departments of the provincial health service, play an important promotional and linking role, encouraging the development of a coordinated and integrated network of scientific skills and resources.

This contributes towards innovation of the provincial health system, the cultural and professional development of staff and the active involvement of patients in validating health treatments and resources.

In this overall context, it is also believed to be strategic to develop converging and synergistic processes involving the public sector and private investors, encouraging the setting up of production chains involving the research, production and training circuits and the system of services regulated by the Autonomous Province of Trento’s provincial health service.


The main links of organizations dealing with research and innovation in healthcare:

Department of Health and Social Solidarity of the Autonomous Province of Trento


Provincial Agency for Health Services (APSS)

The Provincial Agency for Health Services (APSS) is the Institute of the Autonomous Province of Trento responsible for coordinated management of health and social-health activities for the entire provincial territory. It can count on the collaboration of about 8,100 employees who work in 2 main hospitals, 5 local hospitals and 4 health districts equipped with some dozens of outpatient offices distributed throughout the provincial territory.


Center for Proton Therapy

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  • radiant treatments with proton beams for selected neoplasms in both adult and pediatric
  • patientscounseling activities on pathologies for which proton treatment is potentially indicated including sending to specific treatment Centers
  • participation in multidisciplinary company working groups on selected pathologies
  • organization and participation in a collaborative national and international scientific network functional to the development of the new activity.


Other Centers

  • CeRiN Centro di riabilitazione neurocognitiva  of Trento University
    The CeRiN activities are based on the inseparable coexistence of clinical, educational and research activities (clinical and basic) in cognitive neuroscience, since this coexistence guarantees the constant innovation of clinical practice. The results of research projects increase our knowledge of the relationship between mind and brain. They are then transposed into clinical practice and become part of the educational activities.
  • CIMeC  Centro interdipartimentale Mente/Cervello  of Trento University
    CIMeC is an interdepartmental centre of the University of Trento in Rovereto that deals with research, training, instrumentation and the dissemination of knowledge within the local community. Experts from Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, the USA, Canada, Argentina, Israel and numerous other countries work there. CIMeC was recently classified as the main Italian research unit on cognitive neuroscience. The researchers at CIMeC study the organisation of the brain through analysis of its functional, structural and psychological characteristics, in normal and pathological conditions.
  • CIBIO Centro di Biologia Integrata  of Trento University
    CIBIO is a research centre where research is carried out in 4 areas representing the latest frontier in biomedical research: cancer biology & genomics, cell & molecular biology, microbiology & synthetic biology and neurobiology & development.
  • BIOtech  Tecnologie Biomediche  of Trento University
    BIOtech promotes and coordinates the research and training activities carried out within the University of Trento in the field of biomedical sciences and technologies, proposing itself as a reference for interaction with external private and public partners, research institutions, companies and health institutions.
  • The University Campus of the health professions

    The University Campus of the health professions manages the training activities of the health area, university and non-university, which lead to:
    - first level degree, in collaboration with the University of Verona and Trento
    - post-graduate training diploma, in collaboration with the University of Verona
    - professional qualification - Healthcare Professional Operator and Professional Health Courses
    - stage ans traineeships
    - library of health professions
    - It designs and manages pedagogical training courses for teachers and tutors, ECM recognition projects of tutoring activities carried out by supervisors of the Health Professions Degree Courses and research projects in the pedagogical field and in learning environments.